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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

We Teach the Science of Boxing and Nothing Less!

Unlike other gyms, We focus on the seriousness of Boxing training for self defense, competition, and to help build real confidence as well.

You're mind and body is the gym.

Its up to you how serious you want to work to get to those results you have been looking for.

Against the Ropes Boxing Gym Schedule

Monday thru Thursday:

4pm to 5pm

Youth Boxing Fundamentals and Conditioning (Only 1 parent in the gym with there child at a time)

(Ages 5 to 10 years old)

5pm till 6:30pm

Open gym and Sparring

Must show proof that you are registered as an athlete with USA Boxing to be able to spar 

6:30pm to 7:30pm

Adults Coed Boxing Fundamentals and Conditioning

(Fridays Appointments Only)


9am to 11am Opening gym and Sparring

Must show proof that you are registered as an athlete with USA Boxing to be able to spar 

11am Adult Coed Boxing Fundamentals and Conditioning

(Sundays Closed)

Note: All Classes are One Hour Long.

All other times will be by appointments ONLY.

Please call the number below to set up a one-hour session.

Please bring your own Boxing Gloves, Focus Mitts and Jump Ropes.

We do sell boxing gloves, hand wraps and Gym apparel.

Please use your best judgment and respect coming to ATR.

Give us a call at 440-622-8903


Here at Against The Ropes, there are classes designed for every age, ability, and skill level

All the programs are designed for each individual to challenge themselves, but also progress at their own pace safely and long term health and fitness.

Call about:

Membership Plans,

One on One session's, and Daily workouts


ATR Mission Statement

Fight for your Faith


The learning and tests in life will never end. Our mission here at ATR is to build your life skills and awareness so that you become stronger and more courageous than you may have realized you can be.


The only way is through Jesus Christ our Savior, when you take the focus off of the ego and to focus to please him instead of ourselves, the growth never ends.


Do you want to build your foundation on sand or dry land? YOU CHOOSE.


You have a voice, you were given gifts, it’s time to discover them and put them to good use.


Testimonial from our client

Coach Ken has been to my store a few times & had spoken with me regarding how he can help, being morbidly obese weighing at 627 lbs.

I have to say I was skeptical & honestly truly never considered going to the gym. My thought at the time was nice guy, but I basically blew him off.

Then disaster struck & I was hospitalized with ARDS. Being in the hospital for 30 days, many considered that I was a goner. I was released from the hospital the first week of July 2016 weighing 596 & needing oxygen to survive. I felt like was a dead man walking.

I found out during the hospital stay Coach always came into the store & told my son he wanted to save my life. With a few more visits from Coach he convinced me to show up… On Sept. 17, 2016, I started at Against the Ropes Gym.

I guessed that my weight was about 596 lbs., using the weight from July when leaving the hospital. On April 6, 2017, I weighed in at 455.4 lbs. I am proud to say that this is a 171.6 total weight loss. So, since being at the gym, I have had a 140.6 lb. weight loss not even 7 months yet.

The Coach & what I consider family at the gym have brought stability to my life that was dangerously spiraling out of control. The fight continues with a great corner man.

Marko P.

Testimonial from our client

This place has done so much for me! I've been feeling awesome since I started going! The coach is amazing, he cares about you, and pushes you too. It's good for anyone, any age, girl or boy, all fitness levels. Whether you want to compete or get a good workout, I highly recommend this place.

Sarah K.


This is MORE then a Boxing Gym!
The diversity of people in the gym is huge! We are a big family with one goal, and that goal is to strengthen each other through team work and discipline.